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Devon Parrott

Devon had been an active, happy, healthy kid his whole life. He first started playing sports when he was 3 ½ years old. On December 4th the school called and said that he was walking down the hall and collapsed. After many trips to the physician and diagnostic testing Devon was diagnosed with Long QT syndrome. Long QT Syndrome is the disturbance of the heart’s electrical system which is one of the areas that we target  when we perform a screening for Sudden cardiac death.


Usually with SCD there are no warnings but Devon is one of the lucky ones, he passed out. After much discussion it was decided that it was in Devon's best interests  to have a  ICD inplanted so that this will not happen again.


Although Devon is not able to play sports like he use to he is very active in what he can do.


Every year the first Saturday in April you will find Angela, Devon's mom holding a 5K walk, run, bike in his honor to raise  funds to help educate parents and help with the cost of sudden cardiac screenings in their area.


We are very proud to be a partner with her and Devon in this mission.  For more information visit them on facebook  @Devon's Beat. or come up to Lincoln this April and show your support.

Devon Parrott   Long QT Syndrome ,survivor

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